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Roadblocks to

Corporate Sustainability

As the greatest volume of economic activity continues to be realized in large corporations, their sustainability activities can have far reaching impact. My research explores factors that hold corporations back in contributing to sustainability transitions and thus represent roadblocks to top-down sustainability changes. In a number of projects at various stages of development, I study such hindrances.

To maintain the integrity of blind peer-review, manuscripts currently under review unfortunately cannot be listed here. In future work in this research stream, I plan to study the differential drivers for corporate over- and under-performance in social and environmental sustainability. I have begun work to investigate what leads major publicly traded corporations to positively or negatively deviate from their peers. Further topics in this research stream which I seek to investigate in the near future include circumstances under which CEOs supporting a progressive agenda fail to affect changes in their corporations and how such hindrances may be addressed or mitigated.

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